Gnostic Centers

We are a non-profit organization with many Gnostic Centers located across the USA. It is our mission to disseminate the teachings of the Avatar of Aquarius Samael Aun Weor, free of charge, without distinction of caste, race, ethnicity or color of skin.


The Gnostic Teaching affirms that man has his Consciousness “Dormant”, which is trapped between multiple "Selves" or psychological defects. It establishes that the "I" is the source of pain, violence, suffering and misery to man. It exhorts us incessantly, on the need to change our way of thinking, feeling and acting, with the primary objective of seeking the path of Psychological Liberation.

It emphasizes "Self-Observation" and "Self-Remembering", in coordination with “Discernment and Profound Meditation”, as analytical tools to cultivate comprehension and to achieve the gradual awakening of our Consciousness. Transforming ourselves, this way, in explorers of our inner world, and in seekers of truth.

The Gnostic Doctrine instructs us in: The Process of the Transmigration of the Souls, Re-Incarnation and Return, Symbolism of Dreams, Kabbalah & Numerology, Runes & Lamasery, Natural & Scientific Laws, Applied Psychology, etc. It requires that The Gnostic Devotee be Mystic, Scientist, Philosopher and Poet, however; it is noteworthy, that the primary goal of the Gnostic Doctrine consists in "The Elimination of Ego and the Development of Our Real Inner Being". For this goal, it proposes 3 Factors for the Revolution of the Consciousness: "Death, Birth and Sacrifice for Mankind".

Most major religions and ancient cultures, are in fact, based on a Common Principle and Universal Knowledge; that everyone has their Particular Inner Being "GOD", to whom it is possible to join "RELIGARE", by awakening our Consciousness and totally eradicating from within, everything that darkens us and makes us unworthy.


"Directory of USA Centers & Missionaries"

1243 S. Alvarado S-C8 Los Angeles CA 90006 Miguel & Celina Miranda (323) 445-3173
N/A Los Angeles CA   José & Gloria Navarrete (310) 864-0788
2489 ½ W. Washington Blvd. #1 Los Angeles CA 90018 Carlos & Martha Escobar (310) 403-2358
1113 Belfort Ave. Pomona CA 91767 María Campos (909) 764-1275
1307 W. 6th St S-140 Riverside Corona CA 92882 Gumersindo M. & Rosy A. (909) 295-0396
2218 Brundage Ln #C Bakersfield CA 93304 Samuel & Senaida Patiño (661) 607-7572
14349 Victory Blvd. Ste. # 103 Van Nuys CA 93550 Vicente & Vicenta García (818) 822-8552
520 W. 5th St. Oxnard CA 93030 Victor Hugo Santizo (818) 665-5187
505 N. Tustin Ave. Suite 270 Santa Ana CA 92705 Nelson Alger (323) 449-0384
15280 W C St., Kerman CA 93630 Martín Espíndola & Cristina (559) 301-2034
1524 Geneva Ave San Francisco CA 94112 Israel Castro (650) 740-9893
7483 S.W. Coral Way Miami FL 33155 Juan Román (305) 335-0712
5866 Chipwood Ct Elkridge MD 21075 Carlos Adilma (240) 338-2347
121 Lawndale Ave High Point NC 27260 Carlos Castellanos (336) 823-2798
507 43th St Suite 7W Union City NJ 07087 Javier & Nory Alvarado (347) 257-1145
700 Main St. Islip NY 11752 Abraham & Eliza Joya (631) 578-3521
61 Mitchell Place White Plains NY 10601 Ramon Rodríguez (914) 830-1536
514 Shady Green Lane Bluffton SC 29910 Miguel Mejía (843) 706-3515
8931 Black Oak Street Austin TX 78729 Noé & Carmen Carillo (512) 331-4976
10110 Hillridge Rd Laporte TX 77571 Javier Arteaga & Helen G. (281) 842-1280
2115 N. Elmendorf St. #R2 San Antonio TX 78201 Adolfo & Elvi Cabrera (210) 736-5419
203 Cresham Dr. San Antonio TX 78218 Hector Panameño N/A
14 Pleasant Pl Milton VT 05468 Denise & Lucas DiMauro (802) 893-1311
9632 Lafayetty Ave Manassas VA 20109 Antonio Menjivar (703) 776-0291
5660 Warwick Rd. Richmond VA 23224 Herbert & Sophia Rodz (804) 232-6922
        Luís & Angelica Nuñez  
The Capital Region
Gnosis Center
Albany NY Samuel & Sophie Dionne-Adam
Christopher & Krista Reville
(518)390-5014 & (518)742-6198